Prestige Road Trip: the concept

Discovery Road Trip for your prestige cars.

Explore outstanding landscapes and sites, your cars can cross there on mythical roads by bringing together the pleasure of driving and exceptional surroundings with our prestige road trips:

The Ardèche, fief of the Monte-Carlo rally, its wild landscapes and its famous terroir,
The Vercors, high place of the French Resistance, its mountainous roads, its outstanding summits and gorges,
The Drôme Provençale and the Lubéron, with their pre-Mediterranean environment, their castles, their regional products (lavender, olive, …),
The Alpine passes, to discover the Great Alpine road with its vertiginous passes and summits,
– And many other sites whose the South-East of France is rich in…

The road trip with a prestige car: A passion.

For the time of a day, a weekend or more go on the roads without worrying about the organization, just fully live your passion for cars!

Our prestigious road trips are made for people who want to fully take advantage of their car!

Prestige road trip: An ‘’à la carte’’ service.

Unlike gatherings of groups or cars rallies, we favour driving pleasure in a totally intimate setting. Our performance is privately dedicated to you, in order to let you take advantage of this privileged moment with your loved ones.

Thanks to our customized contact form, we concoct a 100% personalized itinerary adapted to your wishes. Everything is possible!

A prestigious Road Trip

Enjoy outstanding landscapes on legendary roads, gourmet meals and nights in luxury hotels or authentic visits on your way…

We provide you our knowledge of routes, prestigious hotels, starred chefs and of the heritage of the South-East of France.

Have an exclusive moment thanks to our confidential prestigious routes and sights.

A Road Trip filled with discoveries.

Fully live the discovery of landscapes, touristic sites and activities, while enjoying the local gastronomy or our starred chefs’ cuisine.

Be surprised by local heritage sites and activities and discover the richness of the French culture with our prestigious Road Trips.